Stork Affiliate

Yes! I am ready to move forward as an affiliate speaker for Save The Storks!

Great! Please review the terms below, download the agreement and email it back to me.  Jesse and the Storks will then do some background research and vet you.  Once that process is completed I will work with Jesse to get your unique URL activated and donor cards sent out to you.

Read below.  Download here.



  • BE ABOVE REPROACH! You are the face of Save the Storks (“Storks”) to the people you contact. Let everyone know how loved they are no matter their circumstances, life situations, or painful past. That’s it! That’s the point. Treating others poorly, name-calling, protesting, and picketing are not consistent with Storks’ character and mission. God has blessed our organization as we strive to represent His love, compassion, and action whenever we interact with the world around us, and we expect the same from our affiliates.
  • As an affiliate, you agree not to use illegal drugs, be publicly intoxicated, be involved in an immoral relationship, or be arrested for any crime.
  • As an affiliate, you agree not to act in any manner which brings discredit or dishonor, reflects adversely upon, or in any manner harms the reputation of Storks. A very easy way to check if you are in line with the character of Storks is to consider if what you are doing is in line with the teachings of Jesus.
  • As an affiliate, you agree to maintain a respectful and amicable attitude with Storks staff.
  • During and after your time as an affiliate, you agree not to disparage Storks or its directors, officers,employees, or volunteers in oral or written communications.STANDARDS OF PRACTICE
  • You will be provided several pre-addressed FED-EX overnight envelopes. Please use these envelopes to send checks, cash, and partnership cards to Storks.
  • Storks is morally and legally required to protect donors’ personal and financial information. We rely on you to fulfill these obligations. Therefore, the following practice MUST be used: Within 2 days of obtaining any partnerships, you must transmit the overnight envelope. If the envelope has not been transmitted within 2 days of obtaining a partnership, you will incur penalties against your compensation of $1 per day, per partnership.

o For example, if you have 100 partnerships and they are two days late, $200 will be deducted from your payment.

  • During the beginning of your affiliate relationship, we will provide you with marketing materials to assist you in sharing the mission of Storks. Ninety days after you obtain your Stork partner, the cost of any additional marketing materials (not including partnership cards and pamphlets) will be deducted from your payments.
  • When requesting additional materials (i.e. partnership cards, pamphlets, or other Storks merchandise), please provide reasonable advance notice. If expedited shipping is necessary for these materials, the cost will be deducted from your payment.
  • You can fundraise for a STATE! As you do, use cities as examples of places you’d like to see Storks be able to reach, but don’t promise donations to specific cities or specific programs in that state. If promises are made to a specific city but there isn’t a pregnancy center able or ready to partner with Storks, we may not be able to use those funds.

o Correct: “Detroit is a struggling city. I’d love to see Storks reach cities just like Detroit all over the country.”

o Incorrect: “We’re raising money for a Stork bus in Atlanta, GA.”

  • If you do fundraise for a specific state, be sure to mark your donor/partnership cards with thatinformation.
  • If you are unsure about it, don’t promise it. Reach out to the Affiliate Program Representative to haveyour question answered.


  • As an affiliate of Storks, you will earn $70 per $30 monthly partner, $140 per $60 monthly partner, and so forth (in increasing $30 increments).
  • Within one week after the end of each month Storks will disburse compensation for partnerships received by Storks during the previous month.
  • If a partnership is terminated or otherwise unfulfilled in the first three months, compensation for that partnership will be deducted from your next payment.
  • If there is any discrepancy with your payments, please report it immediately to the Director of Affiliate Development.TERM AND TERMINATION
  • This Agreement is for an initial period of one year from the date of execution, and it shall be automatically extended on a year-to-year basis thereafter.
  • However, either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing 30 days written notice.
  • If Storks determines in its sole discretion that you have violated the Code of Conduct or Standard ofPractice described above, Storks may terminate the Agreement effective immediately and permanently cease all payments connected to your service as an affiliate.CONFIDENTIALITY

• During and after your time as an affiliate of Storks, you agree not to disclose to third parties any information concerning Storks’ fundraising strategies, affiliate programs, or donor relationships and information except to the extent such disclosure is made in good faith in order to share the mission and activities of Storks.

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