Liz is available to work with you as you build an event or a speaking career, or just need someone to help work through a career obstacle.  She applies her creative and practical problem-solving approach towards helping artists and speakers increase their revenue and opportunities by providing end-to-end consultation and service in managing event bookings, speaking tours, and other connected events. As a former road manager, event coordinator, social media strategist, and marketing advisor, Liz draws from extensive expertise in the many fields that brands, bloggers, entertainers, and speakers often face – and she harnesses those strengths to the benefit of those she serves. Most often, the authors, bloggers, and speakers with whom Liz works find she is able to negotiate stronger contracts, plan more reasonable travel tours and speaking engagements, and create an environment more conducive to superior performances and ongoing creative development.

Hear what past clients have to say about their time consulting with Liz….

Frederic Gray

I was at the beginning stages of what seemed to be a promising speaking career

I was at a standstill in my speaking business. I was at the beginning stages of what seemed to be a promising speaking career, but didn’t know how to sift through the tons of info out there. It couldn’t all be right. And even more, how would I know what was relevant to me, my philosophy, and the lifestyle I wanted to create?

I was referred to Liz by a client who knew what I was going through, and boy was I glad! Liz is direct. She doesn’t waste time. And, she sees through fluff. She helped me in the following ways.
She helped me get clear on my brand, and how I marketed myself. She drew distinctions between larger markets, and niche markets, and gave me helpful advice for both, giving me the freedom to decide which way was best for me.
Liz referred me to someone who ended up working for me as an assistant. This assistant helped me with a number of things, from completing tasks in her field of expertise, to serving as a sounding board as i would brainstorm in planning sessions. I have met a number of people who are reluctant to refer people to others, out of greed. I was touched that Liz was willing to refer me to someone else to help me with what I needed.
She also helped me with my finances. Regarding my profit margins, and big pictures finances, she helped me gain a realistic, but achievable set of financial goals. Plus, she saved me from making a huge mistake and saved me a ton of money!”

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