Event Planner Services

The Tivich Group is well versed in the little details that go into making an event smooth and memorable.  Our goal is to take the production logistics from you so you can focus on creating content and networking with your attendees.

Pre-Event Logistics: Venue contracts include AV, internet, BEOs (banquet event orders) and room blocks.  Registration involves name tags, touch point update emails, and staffing the registration desk.  Sponsorship sales necessitate reach out, follow up and contracts that match the sponsor with the best fitting benefits. The Tivich Group can also work with you to book speakers and make sure their contract is well thought through. AV contracts are an animal all their own.  Making sure that your organization gets the best rates for onsite labor and equipment is something we have extensive experience in.

Onsite Management: The onsite flow of an event is the experience your attendees will remember.  Making sure that signage is in the appropriate places and that registration is staffed and run well is something we can handle for you.  We can also work as liaison for you with the venue to make sure your contract is enforced and things run smoothly.

Full Event Production: The Tivich Group is committed to helping you put together the event you want for you attendees.  We can do all the pre-planning as well as the onsite management.  We can produce AV intense productions, celebrations and simple corporate meetings, as well as be onsite to manage the event.