As powerful, insightful, or inspiring as your story may be – it’s only effective if it continually reaches an audience.  At The Tivich Group, we maximize your message by managing opportunities.

–  Turn Up the Volume: We’ll make sure you’re being heard in all the markets or across all the platforms that are a right fit for you. Read more here.

–  Take the Stage: Spend more time focusing on making appearances and continuing to grow your message. We’ll handle everything else. Read more here.

–  Own the Moment: Let us show you how to take your message multi-level with products, merchandising, strategic brand development, and more. Read more here.

Sound like more than your typical booking agent offers? That’s by design. We’re passionate about connecting creative artists and inspirational speakers with the smart business decisions that lead to success. For us, that means doing more than managing your show schedule – it means negotiating the best possible contracts and leveraging related opportunities. It means knowing your mission as though it were our own, so we’re able to bring new and exciting possibilities within your grasp. And most of all, it means leveraging our 19 years of expertise towards energizing your best brand asset… you.



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