Letter from Jesse

A Letter from Jesse – Director of Affiliates

Dear Speaker,

Save The Storks is excited to partner with people like you to equip and unleash this generation to be the hands and feet of Christ to bring about change.

Save the Storks is looking to change the conversation of the pro-life movement. We seek to empower our generation to speak with grace and truth about this issue. Our vision is captured well in this video of our CEO. We have found that 1 in 4 Christian women- who attended church weekly- choose abortion. And 84% of post-abortive women felt like they had no other choice. We seek to take a woman-at-the well approach to abortion and, like Jesus, go out of our way to meet women where they are in order to champion them. Here is a video of a story that you will relate with (and indicative of the stories we wish to promote).
Save The Storks partners with pregnancy centers all over the nation to provide them with powerful tools and training so they can more effectively reach and serve abortion-minded expectant mothers. We do this by providing the absolute best mobile medical pregnancy centers, one on one consulting with Pregnancy Resource Centers. We are also beta testing several new programs that are used to reach women before they even make the abortion appointment and connect them to their local PRC, such as our neutrally branded pregnancy test dispensers.
We have been thrilled to find that 4 out of 5 women who board our Stork Buses choose life. Save The Storks has been growing at an incredible rate of one additional Stork Bus per month since January 2014. We currently have 20 mobile medical units on the road and 20 more in contract and production. I am attaching the story, statistics, and some images below.
Jesse Whitten
Director of Affiliates
Save The Storks

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